SeekStorm Demo uses the SeekStorm search-as-a-service API to provide instant search for 30 million Hacker News posts in a powerfull UI with many filter and sort options. This is an example how our API can be used to build fast & powerful search applications.

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Hacker News* is one of the best resources for technology & startup news, due to its crowdsourced information, comments, links, and ranking. But the UI emphasizes the focus on daily news, and precious information of the past stays buried behind.

DeepHN aims to be your tool to effortlessly discover the treasures that are hidden deep in the mines of HN.


DeepHN is powered by SeekStorm Search-as-a-service, which is based on a novel Log-structured merge-tree database and offers a 20x shorter latency compared to Lucene*.
SeekStorm undercuts the market price by factor 30 compared to other search-as-a-services.

(*) All mentioned trademarks and proper names belong to their respective owners, and do not imply any affiliation or any other kind of an alliance with their respective owners.