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What is SeekStorm?
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Search API
Crawling API
SeekStorm is a Search as a Service.
Our search API offers web-scale, real-time, full text, instant search for your data and documents.
Your organization has millions or billions of documents, at different locations, with thousands of concurrent users who need results within milliseconds, reflecting the latest changes in real-time? Add our turn-key search solution to your application with just two lines of code. Provide the documents or data you want to index via REST search API, and search them instantly in real-time. Don't worry about scalability and performance, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Auto Completion

While typing a list of matching suggestions is returned from a self-learning dictionary

Instant Search

Queries are automatically completed and results are returned while typing

Boolean search

AND, NOT, PHRASE, Implicit PHRASE and field filter operators

Dynamic Sorting

Define sort order of results at query time by rank and facet fields

Custom Ranking

Combine (tie-break) key word matching rank and any number of facet fields


Promote documents for certain keywords and pin them above all other results


Keyword in Context summaries increase perceived relevancy

Web-scale Index

Real-time indexing and instant search for virtually unlimited index size (up to 100 TB)

Scoped API Keys

Full and query-only API keys for different scope of usage

More information on Search API features and Search API use cases, our Search as a service architecture and our REST API documentation.

Read our quick start guide on how to create a SeekStorm account and project. Learn how to use dashboard and REST API to index and query documents.

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1 Index
1 thousand Documents
10 MB Diskspace
10 thousand Operations
10 queries/sec Rate-Limit
Try SeekStorm for 14 days*
1 Index
1 million Documents
1 GB Diskspace
1 million Operations/mo**
10 queries/sec Rate-Limit
Email Support
3 Index
10 million Documents
10 GB Diskspace
10 million Operations/mo**
30 queries/sec Rate-Limit
Email & Chat Support
10 Index
100 million Documents
100 GB Diskspace
100 million Operations/mo**
100 queries/sec Rate-Limit
Email & Chat Support
For large, custom, enterprise solutions, please contact us:

* The 14-day Free Trial allows you to test all features for free. No credit card required, you won't be charged at any time. The trial ends automatically after 14 days and all your indices and documents will be deleted permanently. No manual cancelation is required. Within the 14 days you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan and keep your data.

** Operations: crawl page/index/update/delete/query doc.
If more than 10 results are requested per query, than 1 operation is counted for every 10 results.
If more than 1000 terms are indexed per document, than 1 operation is counted for every 1000 terms
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Our open-source projects
While working hard to bring the best search to our customers, we are also committed to contributing to the open-source community.
SeekStorm - sub-millisecond full-text search library & multi-tenancy server in Rust
View on GitHub
Spelling correction & Fuzzy search: 1 million times faster spelling correction algorithm.
View on GitHub
Fast Word Segmentation using novel Triangular Matrix approach.
View on GitHub
1000x faster Radix trie for prefix search & auto-complete.
View on GitHub
Quasi-succinct compression of sorted integers in C#. Close to theoretical compression limit.
View on GitHub