Wolf Garbe
Wolf Garbe CEO and co-founder of SeekStorm

SeekStorm — Search as a Service has been launched!

SeekStorm — Search as a Service has been launched!


SeekStorm is a Search as a Service.

The search API offers web-scale, real-time, full text, instant search for your data and documents.

SeekStorm is a Crawler as a Service.

A high-performance, focused crawler turns any website into JSON docs with structured data.

  • 20x speed and 200x payload compared to Lucene
  • 30x more queries and documents per dollar spent


Why we built SeekStorm

Search is omnipresent in today’s Information Age. The giant amount of data produced makes searching a core part of almost every solution stack. Whether your customers searching for products or information on your website or research papers, patents, court or patient records need to be searched, the search solution decides whether your business or your research is successful or a frustrating experience.

  • Build the search yourself
  • Use open-source software as Lucene, Solr, or Elasticsearch and build your search solution on top of that.
  • Use a Search as a service API

Building a search engine is easy, but scaling is hard

Building a search engine is easy, you can hack together a prototype within a few hours, and it will be really fast … as long as you have only 1000 documents indexed and only a single concurrent searcher. The hard part is scaling: searching a thousand indices with billions of documents, with thousand concurrent users and still returning results within milliseconds on a single machine. And once you built your own software, you still have to host and operate it, resulting in a recurring cost, in addition to all the engineering and development cost you have already spent.

Open-source software is not free of cost

Lucene/Solr/Elastic* are open-source software. While the software itself is free, any search based upon it is not.

It requires infrastructure, engineers, and time for setup and operation.

With SeekStorm you just integrate two lines of code into your product. The overall cost for search is much lower, and the time to market much shorter. There is no development, testing, deployment time, and resulting cost required.

Because SeekStorm utilizes the infrastructure more efficiently, we can pass on the lower operational cost and give you more performance at a lower price.

Many of the open-source search software is mature and customizable with many features. But when it comes to scaling to millions of documents and hundreds or thousands of concurrent users the performance starts to degrade.

The solution offered is distributing the search engine index over multiple server instances, to spread the documents and the load. But while this improves scaling and performances, this results also in increasing operational cost and complexity.

Search as a Service — because cost matters

Building and operating your own search engine (from scratch or based on open source) is time-consuming, has inherent project risks and operational costs, scaling and performance issues.

Using an existing search as a service can avoid those risks. But looking at the cost is important in this case too. It is a big difference whether you are paying $20 or $600 for 1 million queries/month — especially for a small startup or an independent developer on a tight budget.

Why SeekStorm?

We believe there is a market for turnkey, affordable, scaling, high performance search.

SeekStorm is fast Compared to Open-Source like Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch we offer up to:

  • 20x shorter latency
  • 20x higher QPS
  • 200x more concurrent users


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SeekStorm is affordable Compared to other search-as-a-service providers we offer up to:

  • 39x more queries
  • 39x more documents per dollar spent!

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Our architecture — what’s different?

We built everything from scratch. Getting full control of every byte processed, transferred and stored. Strictly optimizing for search, performance and efficiency, getting rid of boundaries between different packages and jettisoned unnecessary ballast:

  • Multi-tenant crawler, search & database architecture
  • Integrated Log-Structured-Merge database
  • Cross platform search server for Linux and MS Windows


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